Sustainable Pragmatic Party

From Facebook discussion. 

Could there ever be a Sustainable Pragmatic party? If so, would they develop visionary principles? :) First plank in our platform, "Don't soil your own nest" Second plank, "Leave the world a better place then when you got there, by trying to leave no trace". Third plank, "Caring  for the next generation means using resources in a sustainable manner and educating from an inclusive, open, rational and explicitly scientific viewpoint so that sustainability is foremost in the minds of every citizen."

This is, I'm sure, far too commonsensical.

Plank four will address uncertainty, complexity and unintended consequences.

Who wants in? Could this be a viable philosophical approach to a healthy and relevant third party?


Wikipedia entry on New Pragmatism.

This fellow makes a case for Pragmatic Sustainability, but from American Pragmatism. I feel that Sustainability is primary and Pragmatism secondary.