Sometimes You Must Find It and Wreck It

In much of life, success means winning. Win-win is, of course, the best outcome. Sometimes a win-win is not possible or even appropriate. Sometimes we must simply crush our opposition. Right now, many of our elected representatives are showing their extremist ideology. We must crush fascism and bigotry.

The solution, decency suggests, is simply to be heard. If we are heard, then our representatives will do their duty and represent us. Well, extremists do not represent anything that conflicts with their agenda. The extremist brain cannot tolerate opposition to core beliefs. Literally, the sounds do not register. They cannot hear.

When you call your extremist representative to let him know that his agenda is not your agenda, this takes real, not virtual, resources away from advancing his agenda. His execution halts. Here's where things get interesting. One phone call takes 10 minutes. This one event alone doesn't stop anything. His organization is designed to accommodate a certain number of calls per day. Exceed that number of calls, and now he must find other resources. Let's run some numbers.

  • One phone call is about -> .25 man hour
  • For each phone call notes are taken and delivered -> .10 man hour
  • For each response request -> .10 man hour
  • TOTAL man hours per call -> .45

Now multiply by 100, or 1000, or even 1,000,000. Can you see the resources the must be devoted to even the simplest request. Your 15 minutes, when multiplied, will quickly get attention. The only defense against this tactic is to get you to believe that your efforts will have no effect. If you keep those numbers in mind, even if you lose the battle, you will win the war. However, wars are only won with persistence. Don't quit.

I will put together another blog on Civic Duty Calls.