Move Beyond Left and Right - Become Post Partisan

Becoming Post Partisan means you support empirical evidence over partisan ideology.

Hyper-Partisan squabbling is bad for America. Fighting for a good cause is great, but what if the conflict is unneccessary? Are we just fighting for fighting sake? This makes no sense and is a direct result of decades of extreme partisan politics. We all want to win and some go too far and feel that they must win at any cost. Any tactic is now acceptable, even complete disregard for the truth. Information, misinformation and disinformation are available everywhere around the clock and Americans are drowning in it. “Fake news” is more than just a hashtag thrown around on social media. It is a dangerous disruption used on both sides of the political aisle and one that has already led to junk legislation. Being Post Partisan is better.

A Post Partisan community cares more about good laws and smart choices than political labels.

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We seek tools for identifying, listing, learning, researching and presenting legislation in light of peer reviewed evidence. Advocacy efforts flow from good data. We seek those who feel the call to public service who value an evidence based approach to governance. Here's how you can get involved: