Maryland Sustainable Energy Wins Against Backwards National Partisan Agenda

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From: Huge Win for Renewables in Maryland as Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto (original article)

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory, state renewable portfolio standards have created $7.5 billion in annual environmental benefits from reduced air emissions, 27 billion gallons in reduced yearly water consumption and $1.3 billion to $4.9 billion in reduced consumer energy prices, including 200,000 American jobs and $20 billion in annual GDP.

Here's A Novel Idea Regarding The 1st Amendment

I have a novel idea, let's stop calling our free press the 'media'. They are two very different things. Has anyone noticed how easily we substitute something meaningful with something that is really complete bullshit? (I use this word since bullshit is the official language now). ‘Free Press’ is linked intimately with Free Speech. ‘Media’ is linked to a vague assortment of ill defined and conflicting meanings. Is it a noun or an adjective? Does it describe something that creatives produce that we consume? Just what is the Media? Wiki article on the 1st Amendment. Btw, how can either free press or the media be the opposition of anything?