Maryland Sustainable Energy Wins Against Backwards National Partisan Agenda

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From: Huge Win for Renewables in Maryland as Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto (original article)

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory, state renewable portfolio standards have created $7.5 billion in annual environmental benefits from reduced air emissions, 27 billion gallons in reduced yearly water consumption and $1.3 billion to $4.9 billion in reduced consumer energy prices, including 200,000 American jobs and $20 billion in annual GDP.

"In the current face of fear, uncertainty, and at times outright denial of environmental problems at the federal level, the Clean Energy Jobs Act proves that states like Maryland will not remain quiet on our country's toughest challenges like climate change," David Smedick, Maryland Beyond Coal Campaign and policy representative for the Sierra Club, said.

FUNFACT: The GOP has crushed our foundational rational secular humanist values with an effective ground game. Yes I know they played dirty and that they have done so using illegal racist gerrymandering is beside the point. They still were able to garner strong support from millions of decent well-intentioned folk.

FUNFACT: The GOP won with a bigoted, racist, white supremacist agenda.

My point is very simple, imagine what a legitimate, lawful, nogerrymandered, rational secular humanistic grass roots campaign could do. However, we have to have a coherent nonviolent message with every protest and strong leadership to organize peaceful legal resistance.