How To Understand Authoritarianism

Like everyone, I understand cruelty, bigotry, hate and fear. However, my response to it might differ a bit from most. I accept the actions and words of the authoritarian at face value the very first time it is revealed. My discipline requires that I do not interpret or project my opposing view on the words and actions of others. Maybe you could try it for a while and see if it gives you peace of mind. Appropriate action comes from peace of mind.

Authortarianism is based on negative emotion. However, authoritarians are not normal people. Do not make the mistake of applying your values to their actions. Do not try to understand their words based on your viewpoint. The only purpose of words to the authoritarian is to distract and direct your attention away from what they care about. They care about control, conflict and enrichment. Words are only tools to these ends. To the authoritarian, you are a resource to be exploited. In fact, authoritarians are amazed when you let them do their nasty deeds. "Wow, I told you up front that I was going to take everything from you, I took everything, now you are suprised that I took it? Isn't this fun? This is fun. Try and stop me."

There is no reason beyond this. Truth for the authoritarian is a weapon.

Watch this play out. Pay attention. Fight #PostFactual America.