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Sometimes You Must Find It and Wreck It

In much of life, success means winning. Win-win is, of course, the best outcome. Sometimes a win-win is not possible or even appropriate. Sometimes we must simply crush our opposition. Right now, many of our elected representatives are showing their extremist ideology. We must crush fascism and bigotry.

The solution, decency suggests, is simply to be heard. If we are heard, then our representatives will do their duty and represent us. Well, extremists do not represent anything that conflicts with their agenda. The extremist brain cannot tolerate opposition to core beliefs. Literally, the sounds do not register. They cannot hear.

How To Understand Authoritarianism

Like everyone, I understand cruelty, bigotry, hate and fear. However, my response to it might differ a bit from most. I accept the actions and words of the authoritarian at face value the very first time it is revealed. My discipline requires that I do not interpret or project my opposing view on the words and actions of others. Maybe you could try it for a while and see if it gives you peace of mind. Appropriate action comes from peace of mind.