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Let Us Not Be Naive When It Comes To Morality and Violence

I run the risk of being a pedant here, but lets review the basics of morality and violence. Seeking to oppress-destroy and defense against tyranny are different things. History and the human experience clearly shows us that violence is sometimes necessary. Defending yourself against violence does not abet violence. Being a victim abets violence. This is so important that I must repeat in caps: BEING A VICTIM ABETS VIOLENCE. Violence is like fire, an intrinsic aspect of reality. Neither fire nor violence can be attributed qualities as 'good or evil' in themselves. Knowing when violence becomes necessary is called wisdom. Platitudes like 'all violence is bad all the time' are for the naive and magical thinking will certainly not stop tyranny.
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Curmudgeon In Training

$12 salmon salad special. arrives. large filet, uncut slapped on top of bagged-type greens. Cherry tomatoes, nice and juicy, but uncut. nice cucumbers sliced, but not bite sized, along the side. dressing on the side. i have to take 5 minutes, making an effing mess cutting and tossing in a too small bowl perched on a too small table. wtf? how hard is it to make a salad ready to eat at a sit down restaurant? am i the ass or are they for lowering the bar? i must be getting old. :) i'd rather stay home and fix my own damn food.

Shunning 101 - Why Your Bubble Is A Good Thing

Facebook and twitter - all social media for that matter - are not open news platforms. They do not provide an unfiltered public soapbox. We have confused social media with the free press. The algorithms employed make each feed essentially a private bubble. This is a good thing as it closely models a face to face conversation amongst friends. This is not a flaw, it is by design. Note the word 'social' in social networks.

In person, you know, real life, if someone bashes into your conversation with, "I couldn't help overhearing" and proceeds to spew a complete load of shite they are immediately and without deliberation considered assholes and are shunned.