Civic Duty - Engagement - Making A Difference

Over the last few years I have been exploring the best way to express my civic duty and have seriously considered running for local office. As I am decidedly non-partisan, my feeling is that I can better address wrongheaded public policy though technology and education, rather than aligning closely to partisan politics as a combatant. In response, I am using my expertise to provide an online platform and tools to help educate and engage those who value evidence-based legislation, regardless of party affiliation. Really, how is something like education a partisan issue? Yet, here we are, collectively debating with straw man rhetoric over basic issues of public good. #meh. Please take a moment and check out my #postpartisan project on Facebook. #Vote #nonviolentprotest.

RE: Current Political News on an Ordinary Wednesday

Anyone else tired of the obvious and successful efforts to obscure the fact that our free press has been p0wn3d? Recent NY Times coverage of #Harvey taking every opportunity to bring more uncertainty concerning human influenced climate change.

Look for classic straw man nonsense in the Times' when quoting experts in the form of:

"While we know that human activity has affected sea level rise, when it comes to hurricane formation and frequency the answer is complex... in fact, it is yes and no".