Yeah, I Know.

Ironic or Tragic #1

How does this make you feel? Fight #PostFactual America (click here for a full sized image)

Why You Should Distrust Certainty

There's an old adage that says "Trust, but verify". I have a better version. It goes like this, "Always distrust certainty." If you have done any kind of authentic mind-body or self-cultivation work, you know that certainty in life is very limited. Anyone who professes to have all the answers should certainly not be trusted. :)

Fight #PostFactual America

Those who control the narrative, control the agenda. This one simple thing can make a big difference.

Here's what to do. In your email signature and at the bottom of your posts add "Fight #PostFactual America" to let everyone know that you stand for truth, reason, and civil discourse in all your correspondence. Fight the good fight against willful ignorance and bigotry. Any message worth saying is worth repeating. Join the dialog at