Hate Speech Is Not Legit, Yet Rightly Protected Under 1st Amendment

At what point do we, as progressive, secular humanists take off the gloves? Careful language, professional restraint and sober deliberation must be backed by the willingness to act. (#NonViolentProtest #PostFactual) We are still talking around the fact that the abhorrent narrative of fear, hate and bigotry is being accorded the same respect as rational discourse. Call bullshit when you see it. Stop hate speech in its tracks by sharing over and over the truth. Out shout and out share hate speech. The alternative is polite acceptance. Polite acceptance normalizes hate and fear as legitimate tools of our republic.

From Wikipedia:

Ironic or Tragic #2

On this inagural day, 2017, I return to my own inugural attendence in 1976. I was 12 and recall vividly the bicentennial fervor. A reaffirmation of our shared Enlightenment values. The feeling that, with only a few minor exceptions, we were all continuing the grand experiment. Is this a rose colored memory? Simple nostalgia? Naivete? yes. Guilty of all charges. However, that was also the rhetoric of the day. The dialog.

Today, the dialog is appalling. Our narrative, disgusting. Make it stop. I wish that I had something uplifting to share. I don't. Study your 20th century European history. Look to secure yourselves. Think of survival for yourself and family. Dark days are coming for our republic. (click here for a full sized graphic)