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This is my official site to share ongoing projects and concerns.

I am the child of a concert pianist and Navy Seal. I pursued jazz sax through childhood, then, as a young man, Architecture & the Arts. This formal education led to early career adventures in feature film production. I make.

I prefer simple living over consumerism. I freely employ sarcasm and dry humor to protest injustice, ignorance and indifference.

Since age 10 I have pursued intensive mind-body training and deep inquiry into the human condition.

RE: Current Political News on an Ordinary Wednesday

Anyone else tired of the obvious and successful efforts to obscure the fact that our free press has been p0wn3d? Recent NY Times coverage of #Harvey taking every opportunity to bring more uncertainty concerning human influenced climate change.

Look for classic straw man nonsense in the Times' when quoting experts in the form of:

"While we know that human activity has affected sea level rise, when it comes to hurricane formation and frequency the answer is complex... in fact, it is yes and no".


Curmudgeon In Training

$12 salmon salad special. arrives. large filet, uncut slapped on top of bagged-type greens. Cherry tomatoes, nice and juicy, but uncut. nice cucumbers sliced, but not bite sized, along the side. dressing on the side. i have to take 5 minutes, making an effing mess cutting and tossing in a too small bowl perched on a too small table. wtf? how hard is it to make a salad ready to eat at a sit down restaurant? am i the ass or are they for lowering the bar? i must be getting old. :) i'd rather stay home and fix my own damn food.